Why You Should Hire a Christmas Party Magician

We haven’t had time yet to pack away our bikinis and BBQs from the summer, but it’s already time to start thinking about the office Christmas party.

Did I just hear a collective sigh?

That could be because of the large number of lacklustre roast turkey dinners you’ve pushed around the plate, drunk colleagues you’ve ushered into taxis by 10 pm and abysmal cabaret singers you’ve heard destroying White Christmas.

When it comes to different Christmas party ideas, it can be hard to know what sorts of things will suit everyone, whilst at the same time keeping the mood festive and not breaking the bank. Christmas work party activities sometimes get a bad name, and in my opinion, rightly deserved if you’ve ever had to sit through a half-hearted murder mystery night courtesy of the local am-dram group, or, heaven forbid, karaoke.

Office Christmas parties don’t have to be like this! Although I can’t stop Simon from accounts downing a bottle of Archers and doing the Macarena, I can suggest Christmas party entertainment that’ll leave your guests in awe rather than disappointment. Something engaging for all, something fun, something truly magical.

close up magician
Performing as a Close up Magician in Birmingham

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Have you thought about hiring magician for your Christmas Party?

If you’re sick of the same old Christmas party entertainment, a close-up magician could be just the thing to bring a bit of sparkle to your festive event. A great magician will captivate your guests and have them talking about what they’ve seen long after the hangovers have faded away.

First and foremost, hiring a Christmas party magician can take an awful lot of pressure off the party organiser. You want to ensure that everyone has a good time, and enlisting top-quality entertainment is definitely a big tick in that box. No more running around being the host to everyone. You can relax and enjoy the event just as much as everyone else.

I may be biased, but I also think that magic is the perfect icebreaker to get people laughing and having a great time. It’s difficult to just be a silent observer with close up magic - guests always want to share theories on how they think an illusion was performed (spoiler: it’s magic). Nothing cuts through an awkward silence as effectively as a group of people trying to explain the unexplainable.

I’d like to introduce your guests to all-new tricks that they’ve never seen before, rather than rolling out the old familiar ones that they’ve clapped politely at a dozen times before. Not all Christmas party magicians are created equal, but I deliver an eye-popping array of never before seen illusions. Guests will also be invited to take part in the show, making the experience even more memorable. You are part of the show!

There are thousands of clips of close-up magicians on Tiktok and Youtube (why not check out one of my clips below!) but none of them compares with the unadulterated joy of seeing magic happen right in front of your eyes. Not to mention the squeals, gasps and laughter of your colleagues who can’t figure out what they just saw either! The awe, shock, disbelief and joy can be happening right at your table. Or on a stage, as my magic performances can be curated to fit your plans for the evening.

If you’re not 100% sure about the running order of the night just yet, I can help you to plan the most suitable magical moments for your event. Some people like a close-up magician to wander around during the drinks reception, mingling with the guests and performing for small groups. It’s a great way to bring people together at the beginning of the night, particularly if they don’t know each other well.

Alternatively, a magic show is an exciting way to fill the lull that inevitably happens between the festive meal and the evening celebrations. A skilled entertainer can float seamlessly between the tables, taking the pressure off the event staff and keeping the celebratory mood going.

Read more FAQs on how to incorporate a magician into your event here.

Why am I the best magician for your Christmas party?

My name’s Ed Sumner and I’ve been performing magic for over 20 years. I’m an industry expert and a Member of the Magic Circle, with a passion for sharing the impossible with my audiences.

Each year I perform at roughly 30 Christmas parties across the UK. These often range from small intimate parties for families or small work teams to large corporate events for companies such as JCB, Selfridges, Sainsbury's, Fujifilm, and also military events for the RAF and Army.

Let’s start a conversation about making sure this year you put on your best Christmas party to date.

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