Organising a Christmas party for your staff is an excellent opportunity to thank them for their hard work throughout the year and to help foster a team spirit as the Christmas season approaches. Below, I’ll walk through the steps to create a memorable and festive Christmas party for your team.


Once the venue is secured, create invitations that reflect the joy and excitement of the occasion. Make sure to include all the necessary details — date, time, location, dress code, and RSVP instructions. A clear and straightforward RSVP process will help you manage attendance and plan accordingly.


A Christmas party wouldn't be complete without delicious food and drinks. Whether you're having a sit down meal, or a buffet, choose a menu that caters to various dietary preferences and adds to the festive cheer. Don't forget to include seasonal beverages, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, to keep spirits bright.

christmas cookies


The Christmas party is a perfect time to acknowledge individual and team achievements. Consider giving out awards or small gifts to show your appreciation for your staff's dedication. Personalised items or experiences make for meaningful presents that employees will value.


The heart of any Christmas party lies in the entertainment and activities on offer. They're not just ice-breakers, but instead these are the elements that will have your staff talking well into the New Year. For a truly magical evening, why not invite a close up magician like myself to circulate among your guests? My interactive performances are perfect for engaging audiences and adding an element of wonder to the festivities.

A quality magician seamlessly blends into the crowd, performing incredible magic right in front of your guests eyes. Whether it's a mind-bending card trick or a mystifying illusion, these moments of astonishment are shared, creating an electric atmosphere of fun, laughter and amazement.

close up magician performing at a table for a Christmas party

I’ve worked hard to strip away the cheesy-ness associated with some magicians, and instead over my 20 years of performance have perfected a formula of incredible close up impossibilities and conversational comedy.

Of course, December is the busiest time of year for me, so for more information and to secure your date, reach out to me to today and let’s get your Christmas party entertainment sorted.

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Beyond the awe-inspiring magic, consider incorporating activities that foster team spirit. A Christmas quiz can spark friendly competition, while a photo booth stocked with festive props offers a playful retreat and a chance to capture the night's memories.

When planning these activities, remember the importance of inclusivity. Ensure there's something for everyone to enjoy, whether they prefer to marvel at the magicians' sleight of hand or laugh with colleagues in a photo booth. With a diverse array of entertainment options, your Christmas party will not only celebrate the season but also the unique individuals that make up your team.


After the party, take the time to thank your staff for attending and for their contributions over the past year. A follow-up email with photos from the event and a message of appreciation can go a long way in making employees feel valued and looking forward to the year ahead.


Organising a Christmas party is a chance to celebrate your staff and the successes of the year. With careful planning, attention to detail, and a touch of holiday “magic”, you can create an event that honours and rewards your team's hard work, fostering a positive company culture and a sense of community, that should last into the new year too.

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Sue Phelan
Sue Phelan
Ed was absolutely phenomenal at my friend's 50th birthday! Fantastic magician x
Michelle Talbot
Michelle Talbot
Very, very impressive 😁
Amanda Bryant
Amanda Bryant
He was very professional before the event and everyone was thoroughly entertained by his close magic and the larger scale audience participation tricks.
Rach Ryan
Rach Ryan
We invited Ed to join us at our wedding reception to entertain our guests during / after the meal. Lots of guests were chatting about his tricks the next day. We loved the one he did for us and have absolutely no idea how he managed it! Ed is relaxed but professional, friendly and fun. Thank you for sprinkling some magic on our day Rach & Mick
Laura Darrant
Laura Darrant
Super personable and an amazing magician. Book him for your works events.
kerry smith
kerry smith
Ed was fabulous, what a fantastic magic show this was the perfect entertainment for my 50th Birthday and left us scratching our heads on how he did some of the tricks as we couldn’t work it out, and we were really impressed, and still talking about it later into the night and after my birthday too. I would definitely recommend and book Ed again and he was very professional, fabulous magic tricks and great communication and early to the event to prepare. I won’t mention what tricks he did as I won’t spoil the surprise but we all loved it. Thanks Ed 🤩🥰👍
Fern Dennis
Fern Dennis
I saw Ed last weekend he was booked for a family wedding. Nearly a week later and I’m still speechless, he was amazing best magician I’ve ever seen! He caters to all age groups, so entertaining.
Le pe
Le pe
Excellent entertainment
Doggo (Aɴʏᴀ ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴏsᴛ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss)
Doggo (Aɴʏᴀ ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴏsᴛ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss)
Really friendly magician 👍🏾


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