Do you Need a Close up Magician – Take this Quiz to Find Out

performing close up magic at a corporate event

When planning an event, it’s important to consider if you’re going to have any entertainment and what type of entertainment will best suit the atmosphere you’re looking to create. I’ve created this short quiz to see if close up magic is the best option for your event.

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Never be Closing – Conjurers Coffee Break – Episode 030

conjurer's coffee break logo

In this episode we’ll go over some of the important tech required to put on a magic show, including microphones, speakers and amplifiers and some recommendations about what might be best to purchase, and also some questions you can ask yourself when considering your requirements.

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Should You Hire a Local Magician (near me)

birmingham close up magician

A truly great professional magician can transform any event with level of engagement that few other entertainments can match. So, when you are planning an event that you want to truly stand out, you might be asking yourself the above question: where can I hire a local magician, near me?

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