The (not so) Secret Guide to Magical Corporate Events

with Magician Ed Sumner Why do event organisers hire magicians for corporate events? There are many types of events that might be considered “a corporate event” – an awards night, a Christmas party or even a small team gathering in a restaurant. The constant throughout all events is that at their core they are about…

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Learn Magic Experience Gift

learn magic lesson experience gift

A close up magic lesson whether it’s for Christmas or some other celebration is a unique experience gift that gives your friend or family member the chance to learn an exciting and rare skill.

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How do you speak so smoothly during a performance?

beyonce magic

Performance advice – John asked me this through a website where I was signed up to answer questions. I thought this one was particularly insightful as it isn’t just asking, “what are the secrets of magic?” / “how do you do it?” but rather about a specific issue that many magicians struggle with. Fortunately, I have some good advice for him, and others. The question was: How do you speak so smoothly during a performance? I cant seem to do both the trick and the talking at the same time.

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