Inside The Magic Room, Lichfield UK

the magic room

Last night was a pretty special one. I co-organised the opening night of The Magic Room. An event that took the concept of ‘a night out’ and elevated it into something far more extraordinary, and yes, magical.

The purpose of this blog post is to offer you a front-row seat to last night’s highlights. I’ll recap the night’s most jaw-dropping moments and give you a taste of what you missed – of course, I’m secretly hoping the ‘fomo’ sets in and you want to check out one of our future events. You’ll have to be quick though, we’ve already sold out the front row for the next show.

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25 Chat GPT and AI Prompts for Magicians

ai prompts for magician

As the craft of magic evolves, so does the magician’s toolkit, with technology playing an increasingly significant role. Whether you’re a seasoned illusionist or an aspiring magician, the art of magic is an ever changing landscape filled with history, creativity, business acumen, and technical expertise. In this blog post, we’ll explore 25 prompts that can guide magicians in various aspects of their journey, from understanding the history of magic to designing modern tricks, managing a successful business, and more.

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Hire a Member of the Magic Circle Magician

member of the magic circle

If you’re seeking a professional magician who has been recognised for their skill and dedication to the art, consider hiring a member of The Magic Circle, one of the most prestigious magic organisations in the world.

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Hire a Close Hand Magician

close hand magician performing to two women at a party

When it comes to adding excitement to any event, a “close hand” magician can make a big difference. Though you might be more familiar with the term “close up magic,” the term “close hand magic” is also used interchangeably by some. But what exactly is close hand magic, and why should you consider hiring a close hand magician for your next event?

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7 Tips to Pick the Perfect Wedding Suppliers

a collage showing 7 tips to pick the perfect wedding suppliers

Planning a wedding is an exciting yet challenging journey, and one of the key elements in creating your dream wedding is selecting the right suppliers. In this blog post, we will discuss seven key strategies to help you select the perfect wedding suppliers for your big day.

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Tech for Magicians – Conjurers Coffee Break – Episode 024

conjurer's coffee break logo

In this episode we’ll go over some of the important tech required to put on a magic show, including microphones, speakers and amplifiers and some recommendations about what might be best to purchase, and also some questions you can ask yourself when considering your requirements.

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