Top Five Party Tips for Any Party

As a professional party magician, I'm going to recommend that hiring a close up magician is one of the best things you can do for your event. Of course, I would say that, but I mean it too. A quality professional performer has the experience to know how to bring out the best in your guests, how to get them laughing and being involved rather than standing around or sitting around waiting for the buffet to open.

Please note, I mentioned a quality professional. Someone starting out tends to focus on the tricks, rather than the people. An experienced magician will regularly get feedback like this:

Party Magician Review
Ed was excellent. He engaged the group well, not only with the magic but his humour and personality/ The magic was of a superb standard and he perfectly included both birthday girls (one 7 years old and the other 60) in his act. A perfect suprise for my partner and money well spent.

They'll also have fantastic photos and videos which show them working at events like yours. Here's just one of mine, and you can find more throughout my site.

I talk more about how to hire a magician on my FAQS page, but for now here are my top five party tips for any party.

This article was originally part of an series of emails offering advice on tips on planning Christmas Parties, but I reckon that they are useful for any type of celebration.

1. Cover the Party Basics

Someone called me recently about a booking and they asked me if there was anything else that I could recommend for their event. I checked they had what I call the ‘party basics’. It’s tempting sometimes to try to book absolutely everything but more is less, and I think that if you have these basics then everyone will be happy.

So what are party basics?

They are

  • venue
  • food
  • entertainment
  • decorations

2. Ask for Recommendations

If you’re not sure on which supplier to go for then first start by asking your friends and family.

Is there anyone that they can recommend?

Is there anyone they have seen at an event before?

Have you seen anyone at an event?

I hand out business cards when I perform magic, and I’m proud of the fact that a lot of my work comes through people keeping those cards, or passing them on to friends. It shows that I must be doing something right.

Another idea is ask at the venue or ask your other suppliers. I know several companies who provide excellent services for your party, so feel free to also get in touch with me if you want to.

3. Do Something a Little Crazy

OK, maybe this is in contrast to the first point, but if you’ve got a crazy idea then I say go for it! I love it when a party has a bit of a WOW factor. I performed at an indoor ski-centre which was really magical, I’ve performed at an event with a Willy Wonka look-a-like, and I’ve performed at an event that was filmed for a TV show.

If you can make people go ‘wow, that’s amazing!’ then they will be sure to remember you and your event for a very long time.

By the way magic is the only art form that makes people gasp, makes people do a double take and makes people go wow. That's why, if you want to create a memorable event that people will talk about for years to come, a magician is a great idea. It's the perfect way to add the wow factor to your party.

4. Invite People Early

Make sure you send your invitations and ‘keep the date free’ notices out early. It's difficult for people who have busy schedules to rearrange at the last minute. For my close up magic bookings, I usually recommend that people book me about six months in advance.

5. Enjoy Your Event

This is a really important one!

Make sure you take some time to relax, to enjoy your event and socialise and enjoy the company of your guests. That’s why you’re holding the party, after all right?

One way that can help this is to hire some sort of entertainment. I said that it's one of the party basics, and I've mentioned throughout this article, why I think it's important, but the reason it's so great is that when you hire professional entertainment, the pressure is off you.

You can relax while the guests are entertained by a professional entertainer. With close up magic, I’m there to share magic with your guests, but also to welcome them and to get them involved. My performance style is conversational, so I'll get them laughing, but also interrupting with their own jokes, and being a part of the fun. In short, I help people to connect.

I help to make sure everyone is enjoying the party. If it’s an event with a lot of guests this means that you don’t need to worry about anyone, because I will be there to take care of everyone.

party magician
Entertaining with close up magic at a private party in Stafford.

So what are you waiting for? With the advice given here, hopefully you feel like you are in a better position to plan an awesome party.

And if you need help, then why not get in touch for a no obligation, no pressure chat about adding some magic to your event.

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Sue Phelan
Sue Phelan
Ed was absolutely phenomenal at my friend's 50th birthday! Fantastic magician x
Michelle Talbot
Michelle Talbot
Very, very impressive 😁
Amanda Bryant
Amanda Bryant
He was very professional before the event and everyone was thoroughly entertained by his close magic and the larger scale audience participation tricks.
Rach Ryan
Rach Ryan
We invited Ed to join us at our wedding reception to entertain our guests during / after the meal. Lots of guests were chatting about his tricks the next day. We loved the one he did for us and have absolutely no idea how he managed it! Ed is relaxed but professional, friendly and fun. Thank you for sprinkling some magic on our day Rach & Mick
Laura Darrant
Laura Darrant
Super personable and an amazing magician. Book him for your works events.
kerry smith
kerry smith
Ed was fabulous, what a fantastic magic show this was the perfect entertainment for my 50th Birthday and left us scratching our heads on how he did some of the tricks as we couldn’t work it out, and we were really impressed, and still talking about it later into the night and after my birthday too. I would definitely recommend and book Ed again and he was very professional, fabulous magic tricks and great communication and early to the event to prepare. I won’t mention what tricks he did as I won’t spoil the surprise but we all loved it. Thanks Ed 🤩🥰👍
Fern Dennis
Fern Dennis
I saw Ed last weekend he was booked for a family wedding. Nearly a week later and I’m still speechless, he was amazing best magician I’ve ever seen! He caters to all age groups, so entertaining.
Le pe
Le pe
Excellent entertainment
Doggo (Aɴʏᴀ ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴏsᴛ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss)
Doggo (Aɴʏᴀ ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴏsᴛ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss)
Really friendly magician 👍🏾

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