The Perfect Gift Experience this Christmas

I’ve found that experience gifts have become more and more popular recently. But here’s a unique idea for the special someone in your life. A close up magic lesson whether it’s for Christmas or some other celebration offers them the chance to learn an exciting and rare skill.

I don’t know about you, but I have some friends and family that I always struggle to buy a gift for. They seem to be pretty well set up with most things they need, and another pair of socks just seems a little boring, doesn’t it? Sidenote: I suspect that I am one of those people as people tend to buy me experience gifts! Fortunately, I love to learn new things! In this short post I’ll run through what a magic lesson is like and how to purchase one as a gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, father, mother, friend or someone else.

What is close up magic?

Close up magic is a performance that takes place in a shared space. That means the audience and the performer connect socially, on a human level, rather than one on stage and the other twenty-five rows back in a theatre. While I now perform professionally at private celebrations, it all started for me by performing tricks for friends and family. That’s what is on offer in a magic lesson, the chance to learn something incredible to share with the people closest to you. It is…

words - cool, quirky, unique, impressive

This isn’t your run of the mill magic either. I’ll be teaching magic from my own professional repertoire but adapted so that’s it’s easy enough for you to pick up quickly.

magic gift experience
Many people know a basic magic trick, such as the one where you count of three piles of seven, over and over and over again (yawn!) but I’ll be sharing with you incredible magic that will fool your friends, family and work colleagues!

Not only that, but I’ll also give you ideas for how to present and perform the magic so that you are the star of the party.

Here’s an example of one of my close up magic performances, to give you an idea of the genre, and what’s possible with extended study of the mysterious, magical arts.

What’s included in the Learn Magic Experience?

 A one hour magic lesson experience either online (Zoom, Skype or Jitsi) or in person.

 A set of professional magic props so you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything extra.

 A full set of notes after the lesson in case you forget an important move.

 A special offer if you go on to book a set of future lessons.

 A beautifully printed voucher to give as a gift, (including your own custom message), posted to you first class.

learn magic lesson experience gift

A few important things to be aware of

– The learn magic experience will need to be scheduled for a time convenient for us both. As a professional magician, I am performing most weekends which means the experience can only take place Monday – Thursday.

– This is not a children’s magic lesson, the recipient will need to be at least age 16 in order to understand the concepts taught.

– To receive your voucher (and props) in time for Christmas, please order well in advance. The last posting date for the UK is Tuesday 21st December.

How much is a magic lesson experience gift, and how do I book?

The price for 2021 is:

£80 for an online experience

£100 if you want to meet in person

(I’m happy to travel up to an hour from my home in Staffordshire).


If you’ve got pre-purchase questions get in touch via my contact page, or call me on 07792 129 828.

Or alternatively simply complete the short form below and then pay online.

gift booking form

2021 Learn Magic Experience Gift - Booking Form

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Which option would you like?

Who is this gift experience suitable for?

It’s for anyone (age 16+) who loves learning new and unusual things. If your friend or family member has some experience with magic already, that’s great, and I can adjust the tricks taught to their level. If not, that’s totally fine too. Maybe they’ve spent their time salsa dancing, learning how to juggle fruit or visiting all 2563 UK train stations. All worthy pursuits, I might add!

One thing that some people ask me about is the performance side of magic. This doesn’t have to be intimidating, and you don’t need a degree in musical theatre to take part. Instead presenting magic is about thinking about what makes sense for your personality, and letting that come forward. So if you have visited all 2563 UK train stations, let’s use that in some sort of (admittedly weird) mind reading routine.

I can’t wait to get started!