Inside The Magic Room, Lichfield UK

the magic room

Last night was a pretty special one. I co-organised the opening night of The Magic Room. An event that took the concept of ‘a night out’ and elevated it into something far more extraordinary, and yes, magical.

The purpose of this blog post is to offer you a front-row seat to last night’s highlights. I’ll recap the night’s most jaw-dropping moments and give you a taste of what you missed – of course, I’m secretly hoping the ‘fomo’ sets in and you want to check out one of our future events. You’ll have to be quick though, we’ve already sold out the front row for the next show.

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Hire a Member of the Magic Circle Magician

member of the magic circle

If you’re seeking a professional magician who has been recognised for their skill and dedication to the art, consider hiring a member of The Magic Circle, one of the most prestigious magic organisations in the world.

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Hire a Close Hand Magician

close hand magician performing to two women at a party

When it comes to adding excitement to any event, a “close hand” magician can make a big difference. Though you might be more familiar with the term “close up magic,” the term “close hand magic” is also used interchangeably by some. But what exactly is close hand magic, and why should you consider hiring a close hand magician for your next event?

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How to Get Started in Magic – The Ultimate Guide

how to get started in magic

So you want to know how to get started in magic. Maybe you’ve recently seen a magician live, or on television, or on youtube, and you have thought to yourself, “I want to learn that!”, Well, in this article I’ll go through the all the steps to get started, and point you in the direction of where else to look if you want to continue on your path to becoming an expert magician.

Warning, I wanted to make sure I offer you all the tools you’ll need to get started, so it’s quite a long comprehensive read.

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Learn Magic Experience Gift

learn magic lesson experience gift

A close up magic lesson whether it’s for Christmas or some other celebration is a unique experience gift that gives your friend or family member the chance to learn an exciting and rare skill.

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