Luck or Preparation – Conjurers Coffee Break – Episode 002

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Like me, you’ve probably had situations where you’ve thought, “that was lucky!” but what if we look at that from a different angle? Perhaps it wasn’t luck but simply good preparation. In this episode, we’ll explore that idea, plus how to perform a show / event pre-mortem!

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Card Tricks vs Card Magic – What’s the Difference?

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Occasionally when people contact me they ask if I “just do card tricks?” This is often said (I think) negatively, and I believe they ask it because they’ve seen someone perform a series of boring card tricks.
Are card tricks boring?


In and of themselves, it’s not the card tricks that are boring, it’s the person performing them.

As a professional close up magician, and expert in card magic, I feel I am well placed to offer advice on this question.

In fact, I give this advice to the magicians that I mentor too. Sometimes they say to me, “my audiences don’t like card tricks.” That seems crazy to me.

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25 Tips for New Magicians

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Here are 25 Tips for New Magicians, although even if you’ve been in magic a while, it’s still worth taking a look as we can always find something we can improve on.

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5 Best Magic Books for Beginner Magicians

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One of the best ways to learn magic is from books. Magic books are a great purchase not only because they offer fantastic value for money, but also because they teach magic in a way that other methods can’t match.

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