As the craft of magic evolves, so does the magician's toolkit, with technology playing an increasingly significant role. Whether you're a seasoned illusionist or an aspiring magician, the art of magic is an ever changing landscape filled with history, creativity, business acumen, and technical expertise. In this blog post, we'll explore 25 prompts that can guide magicians in various aspects of their journey, from designing modern tricks, managing a successful business, or simply refining their systems. I also explain how I currently use AI in my workflow, and of course, some of it's limitations.

It's worth noting that AI is not fully there yet in terms of accuracy, so I would steer away from asking for facts about for example, the history of magic and magicians. Also, you will have to edit the responses, they are good as a draft, but they do require the human touch. Finally, at the time of writing, I recommend CHAT GPT 4 as the AI tool to use.

I've split them up into a few categories, so click below to jump directly to the one that you want to explore.

Initial Advice

Business Prompts

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Learning Prompts

Collaboration Prompts

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OK, one more thing before we get started for real. I wanted to give you some general AI advice, and that is that the skill here is in writing good prompts:

  • First, tell the AI your intention - what are you actually trying to do‽
  • Then, tell the AI tool about your audience, and be as detailed as possible.
  • Finally, give constraints - don't just tell it what to do, also tell it what not to do.

Some bonus tips would be to:

  • Try not to get it to do too much at once. Don't ask it to write an article, and give a summary, and suggest tags. The tool is conversational, so split those into separate prompts.
  • And just as I've done here, document your best prompts.

I learnt some of this from this excellent video. Check it out if you're interested in finding out more:


This is probably the area that I use AI most, and in general, I might ask it to write me something for social media, or draft out the description for an event I want to promote. As I've been performing magic for a while, I have a very defined style that I want to come across in my writing, and AI tends to be a bit generic, but you might like to try after explaining your services ask for ways they could be packaged up, or suggest what the main selling points are.

1. Can you help me draft a contract for my magic shows at [insert type of event, e.g., "corporate events"]?

2. Can you write me a draft email that I could use to respond to clients about [insert type of event, eg. "weddings"]?

3. Can you help me to describe my magic services in short bullet points? [And then give an example of what you do].

4. What are some effective marketing strategies for magicians in the digital age?

5. Can you give me a list of video ideas I can use to promote my services as a magician at [insert type of event, eg. "private parties"]?

6. What should I consider when setting prices for my magic performances?

7. How can I create an engaging online presence as a magician that stands out from my competitors?

8. How can I measure and analyse the success of my marketing campaigns for my magic shows?


This is sort of tied to the above, but AI is also very good at providing support with programs such as spreadsheets, or suggesting other software. I recently asked it to explain how I could take a jumbled list of all my sales invoices, sort them by their order number and remove duplicates.

9. Can you suggest software that can help me create a booking system for follow up calls?

10. What automated systems can help me to improve the service my magic clients receive?

11. How can I [explain problem] in [insert software, eg. "google sheets"]?

12. Can you suggest a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that's suitable for managing my magician client base?

13. What tools can I use to organise and catalogue my magic tricks and props efficiently?


This is more difficult territory for AI. I have tried it, but found that I needed to give a lot of input. The questions here are really just jumping off points for you. I will say that I do like the idea of either explaining an effect and asking AI to give an interpretation what the subtext is. That might spark some ideas for presentations for you. I wouldn't ask AI to write a whole script for me.

14. How can I incorporate a story about [insert theme, e.g., "friendship"] into my magic routine? [And then explain the effect of the trick].

15. What themes do you think are being shown when I describe this trick? [And then describe the effect of the trick].

16. How can I enhance audience engagement during my [insert specific trick or act] routine? [And then explain the effect of the trick].

17. Can you suggest magical effects involving [insert prop or theme]?

18. How can I adapt [explain effect of trick] to various cultural settings or diverse audiences?


This seems like a useful category for AI. I haven't had much chance to use AI for this purpose, as I'm no longer a beginner, but I did ask it about putting together a plan to improve my cooking and baking, and as with the other categories, it needs some thought from you. I asked for a week by week breakdown for a year, which it gave me, but then I realised it was too overwhelming and cut it down to something I could stick to, like a 6 week cooking course customised to my next goal. One of the limitations of AI is it will give you exactly what you want!

19. Can you recommend some essential books or resources for beginners in [insert type of magic, e.g., "coin magic"]?

20. What are the benefits of having a magic mentor?

21. What are some common mistakes beginners make when learning [insert type of magic]?

22. Can you create a study programme of [length of time] for me to improve my [insert type of magic, eg. sleight of hand card magic] techniques?

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This could be a useful category for AI. I like the idea of smashing things together, and maybe this also fits in the Performance section, but for example, you could ask what would a magic show look like if a daredevil was performing it? You might even include a name, like, Imagine if Evel Knievel was a magician, what would their show be like?

23. How can I effectively collaborate with other entertainers such as [insert type, e.g., "comedians"] to create a unique magic show?

24. What are some guidelines for co-creating magic routines with other magicians without infringing on their intellectual property?

25. Can you suggest some potential partnerships or sponsorships that align with my brand as a magician? [And then explain your brand words and themes].

The 25 prompts outlined in this post offer a quick guide for magicians looking to use AI as a tool to complement their work flow. As mentioned, I don't think the technology is 100% there yet, but I do think it can be useful, with some human input too.

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