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If you're looking to learn some simple, but powerful magic that plays to many audiences, then you're in the right place. I've published a few of my routines over the years, plus a compilation of my very best within my Jumping Off Points, lecture notes.


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And these items are free! Just download them if they are useful to you.


If you run a magic club and are looking for a new lecture for your schedule. Here's a description of mine:

Most magicians have a large enough repertoire of tricks to entertain, but it's our engaging presentations that leave a permanent imprint on our audiences.magic lecture

In this lecture, you'll learn insider tips from a professional performer, which you can apply to any trick you already know (or some of the new effects Ed will present). You'll also gain insight on how to invent presentations that help you stand out, adapt your existing magic into new situations and, ultimately, connect with your audiences.

Not only that but each person who attends will be able to download two 100% Free giveaways after the lecture. Join us for a fascinating look at simple and powerful magic that plays across ages for friends, family and all types of audiences.

Ed is a UK based magician who has performed a wide range of shows, from children's birthday parties, close up walkaround magic, headline stage shows, and even his own TV series.

Ed is a wonderful professional magician from the UK with a down to earth approach to his magic and way of thinking.

- Vanish Magazine November, 2018


Struggling with one of these magic routine, or one you've learnt elsewhere?

Want to improve your performance or your magic business?

Want to learn magic?

I also offer bespoke magic coaching to help you improve. As your magic mentor, I'll help you to polish your routines by bringing a fresh pair of eyes (and my 20 + years of experience) to help you better identify areas for improvement. If you're looking to improve any aspect of your magic performance, I would be happy to help out. Trust me, I've made all of the mistakes, so you don't have to. Contact me for more information.

Note: This is not just me exposing the secrets. While secrets will be discussed, we will start with what you can do already, and build from there. 



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