What's your style of performance?

Ask a Magician, a series of blog posts answering your questions! - Issue I

In this first issue, the question comes from Hollie in Birmingham, who asks:

Do you have a specific style of performance?

Absolutely Hollie! I describe my performing style as lively, upbeat, approachable and conversational.

For me, one of the best things about magic are the connections that are formed when people are a part of something impossible together. Magic is a fantastic way to have a new fun experience with close family, friends or colleagues. And this is true of both my close up magic and my stage performances. In short, I spark the conversations that people will be having during an event:

"Did you see when the ... disappeared?"

"Wait! Do that one more time, but show my friend!"

More than that though, I am able to create the stories people will be sharing long after the party has finished.

Unfortunately, many magicians don't understand the human side of performing magic. They are just showing off the latest trick they have learnt.* That's a shame, because I believe the real secret to magic, isn't in the tricks. It's in the connection (that word again) between the people involved. A professional magician is a people person. They know instantly how to get the best out of people.

When people hire me as a magician, they do so because they don't want their guests hanging around on the edges. That's why my magic is firstly conversational! Guests are able to create the show with me. Just imagine people finding their own card, reading each other's mind or getting the big laugh that makes them the talk of the night! Side note: I never embarrass anyone! As I've said, my performances are lively, upbeat, approachable, conversational AND a whole load of fun. Come along for the ride!

*Of course, the magic needs to be impressive and impossible. I know that it is, because of the reactions I get as shown in the video below.

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