How to Improve Networking at Your Next Event

Hosting a successful networking involves numerous factors. Networking is a process that helps to establish connections and enhance interaction among the guests. Networking doesn't occur magically, however. It requires thoughtful planning, excellent execution, and a strategic push to ensure the event's success. In today's blog post, we will outline several effective strategies to enhance networking at your next event, including an unconventional but highly engaging method: hiring a close-up magician!


The first step in improving networking at your event is to truly understand your audience. What is their common denominator? Are they business people, tech enthusiasts, or food bloggers? Knowing your audience helps you to tailor the event to meet their needs, which can lead to more significant networking opportunities. Once you've identified their interests, you can plan activities and discussions that will spark their interest and promote conversation.


An event’s ambiance plays a vital role in influencing networking among guests. A well thought out and comfortable setting can encourage people to engage more freely and confidently with each other. This means ensuring adequate space for mingling, proper lighting, and noise control to create an environment conducive to conversation. Networking events often take place in hotels, bars and restaurants but you don't need to be limited to this. Instead, you could find a place that suits your audience (see my point above!). For example, food bloggers might want to meet in a commercial kitchen, or the tech industry might want to meet at a computer and science lab. If you can't manage that, then interactive displays and exhibits or a guest speaker related to your event’s theme can also serve as excellent conversation starters.


In today's world, technology can play a crucial role in enhancing networking at events. There are numerous event apps available today that allow attendees to connect virtually, schedule meetings, and even participate in virtual discussions or forums. This can be particularly effective for larger events where physical mingling might be more challenging.


Networking can sometimes be intimidating, especially for those who are new to the group, or those more introverted. It can be difficult to go up to someone and introduce yourself. To alleviate this, consider incorporating structured icebreakers into your event. This could be as simple as a quick round of introductions, or you could plan something more involved like a team building exercise or group activity. Ice breakers help guests to feel more comfortable and encourage engagement.


This might seem unorthodox but is actually an incredibly effective way to improve networking at your next event. This approach can be an excellent ice breaker, as it provides a shared experience for guests to discuss, easing them into conversation naturally and organically.

Close up magic, involves magical performances done in an intimate setting, as the name suggests close to audience. At networking events, this often involves the magician mingling among the crowd. When I've done this previously, I've sometimes been asked to encourage connections between people, by introducing them to others, and I've also been asked on separate occasions to keep the conversation away from work so as to avoid any potentially awkward conversations that guests might not want to have about something confidential.

In both of those instances, I'm there to welcome people, break the ice and make sure people are relaxed and enjoying the event, rather than just standing around.

Magic can truly ignite the atmosphere, add excitement, and serve as a unique talking point. As guests watch my magic tricks unfold before their eyes, and witness my incredible mind reading, they'll naturally start discussing what they've just experienced. This shared experience fosters a natural, comfortable environment that is perfect for networking.

Not only that, but I could also act as a guest speaker, giving either a speech about magic and magicians, and / or giving a short performance. Magic not only entertains but also connects people, making it a perfect addition to any networking event.

walkaround close up magic performed at an event

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Rebecca Blumstein
Rebecca Blumstein
I booked Ed to perform at my husband's 60th Birthday party. We had invited 20 friends to a local restaurant and Ed entertained us between courses. He was supremely professional and we loved all of his magic. Ed was friendly and funny and made sure to include all of our party, who were aged between 3-89. Having Ed's magic at our party made the event special and memorable and I would recommend Ed without reservation.
Daniel Coe
Daniel Coe
Fantastic close up magic that enthralled everyone
Becki Hughes
Becki Hughes
A great evening, blew our mind with his tricks! Would recommend 10/10
Richard Linden
Richard Linden
Ed, you were awesome! - very entertaining, funny and clever.
Craig Pearce
Craig Pearce
Very good and entertaining, would recommend.
Amanda Staton
Amanda Staton
Just wowed at a corporate event… thoroughly recommend.
Tom Soane
Tom Soane
Ed was great, very entertaining.
Davies Lettings
Davies Lettings
A fantastic magician and entertainer.
Shahzad Chaudhry
Shahzad Chaudhry
Just wow, totally babbled. How did he do it. Amazing


No matter how successful the networking at your event, it’s crucial to encourage follow ups. Providing a way for attendees to connect after the event, such as a shared online platform or social media group, can keep the networking momentum going and foster lasting connections. Likewise, if you are holding your networking event regularly, then it would be a great idea to keep in touch with attendees. One way to do this is to set up a mailing list that guests can subscribe to.

As you prepare for your next event, I encourage you to consider the power of close up magic in driving engagement and improving networking. My performances are designed to entertain, engage, and most importantly, foster conversations.

From corporate events to private parties, my close up magic performances have transformed events into engaging experiences filled with awe and wonder. But don't take my word for it, here's what some of my clients have said:

Just to say thanks so much for being with us at our networking event on Monday – the magic went down really well, and everyone had a great evening.

Becky Sheppard, Birmingham

Ed performed at a corporate event we hosted in the city. He amazed and delighted all who attended! I would not hesitate to hire him again, and in fact, look forward to the opportunity to do so.

Steve Broback, Boston, USA

So, if you're planning an event and are looking for a unique, engaging way to improve networking, consider adding magic to your event. Not only will it offer your guests an exciting and unforgettable experience, but it will also provide a relaxed, friendly environment where networking comes naturally.

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