Why is magic so popular as a form of entertainment for events?

Why is magic so popular? Well, first off it's worth saying that people have been enjoying magic for centuries, and it's no wonder why! Magic is the perfect form of entertainment for any event. It's versatile, engaging, and always leaves an impression.

Whether you're looking for a close-up magician to mingle with your guests or a stage show to really WOW your audience, there are plenty of options to choose from. Not to mention, professional magicians are always producing new and innovative ways to entertain audiences and fool them with magic.

Later in this article, we'll look at some of the ways magic can be used, and why it's so popular for these types of events, but first let's take an overall view.


One key element to making magic memorable is the personal touch it offers. From interacting with your guests and getting to know them a little during the night, all the way up to customising the performance to fit the theme of your event, the best magicians use these interactive elements to help create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

This is especially true of the way that I perform which is very conversational. Each performance is completely unique as it is dependent on your guests to be the missing piece. Rather than being daunting, this conversational style puts guests at ease. After all, there's nothing to catch you out, it's just a conversation.

Interactive magic doesn't just mean having your guests assist with their tricks. Instead it's about finding a connection. As I always say to the magicians that I mentor, "People are more interested in other people, than shiny things!"

And do you know what the best bit is? Even if you've seen my show or my close up magic before, you're always guaranteed to see something new, as we recreate the whole experience from scratch every time.

table magician performing at a corporate party


Professional magicians are experts in their art form, and it's hard to not be amazed and entertained by their fantastic illusions and tricks. As mentioned above, a key element to making magic memorable is the personal touch it offers. But more than that, magic is memorable because it's about the connection you make with your family and close friends. That might sound cheesy, but it's true, and the connection is even stronger when you've just experienced something new (and impossible!) together.

Most of the events I perform at are celebrations. And after a long week a work, people often just want to kickback and enjoy spending time with family and friends. What I provide is the laughter and amazement that goes along with that, so you don't slip into talking about boring topics like the weather or what you had for dinner!

In short, and this is the motto for all of my magic performances (you can it at the bottom of every page of this site!):



Though it may be hard to imagine, it is sometimes difficult to get conversations flowing at events. This can be especially true for corporate events where guests might not know each other. That's why magic is so popular for those types of events or any other gathering with many guests

The entertainment provided is a great way to break the ice and spark conversations. The interactive nature of magic, as mentioned above is key to making this happen.

The best professional magicians know how to bring out the best in people. I know that in my case, I get to know people through conversation and use audience participation where appropriate to help encourage people to be involved. Of course, I never force anyone to do anything, but making things relaxed means it's a lot easier to join in the fun.

And the best bit is, my magic isn't about me, it's about you. So when guests do join in, they'll be the one getting the laughs, and making the magic happen. It's a great way to get guests laughing, talking, and to start relationships that last long after the event is over.

close up magician performing at a party

And do you want to know the real secret? It's confidence. Some magicians aren't natural performers, and so they rely on hackneyed lines, which I'll be honest, aren't very funny. These performers make the audience feel uncomfortable. However, a professional, oozes confidence and makes watching him or her a joy! Time slips by as you fall "down the rabbit hole" into a world where everything seems livelier and more enjoyable.

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When it comes to providing entertainment for events, magic has something for everyone. Whether you're hosting a corporate gathering, a wedding, or a birthday party, magic provides an entertaining option that will engage your guests of all ages.

Magicians can even customise their acts to fit the specific interests of your event. From mind-blowing mind reading, to card magic, to magic for children and families, there's a suitable trick or act for every type of event.

Not only will these magic tricks leave your guests in awe, but they can also provide some much-needed laughs. Professional magicians are known for their unique personalities, and they won't just perform their tricks, rather they create an experience. By combining their magic with comedy, storytelling, and audience participation, the best magicians can make even the simplest of tricks more engaging and memorable.

The way you were able to entertain adults, children, individually or as one whole group was just brilliant, and we were all amazed that we couldn’t figure it out. Everyone has said its a party they will talk about for years to come!

Phillipa Pope, Shrewsbury


At events, it's important to offer guests something new, unexpected, and exciting. They don't just want the same thing they saw at last years event, or at every wedding or party they've been to.

Magic is the perfect form of entertainment to do just that. It's a unique type of entertainment that offers something fresh and unexpected. Part of the appeal is that magic often defies logical explanation, which as I've explained already in this article, leaves guests amazed, entertained and with a memory of a great time spent with family and friends.

Magic is constantly evolving, so you can count on professional magicians to surprise and delight your guests.


One of the great things about magic as a form of entertainment, and one of the reasons that I think it is so popular at events, is that it is flexible enough to fit into a wide variety of events.

I've already mentioned close up magic and stage magic, the choice of which you go for depends in part on how many guests you are expecting, but either could fit into any of the events below:


Entertainment might be the first thing you think of when it comes to workplace events, but it is crucial to allow your employees and guests to relax and enjoy the event. It helps to spark conversations that are more natural, and not just focused around sales figures (if you are inviting colleagues from other companies, you might want to keep that topic off the table!). Instead, corporate parties, events, and gatherings are a chance to express your gratitude, celebrate accomplishments, mark anniversaries, and most significantly, allow people to have some fun, feel appreciated, and feel noticed.

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Weddings are a celebration, right? Well, we're agreed on one thing. That's why I always find it very strange that many couple relegate entertainment to only the evening. I know when I planned my wedding, I wanted it to feel joyous throughout the whole day. I've been to weddings where it just seemed like we were waiting around. Weddings are a long day so what I always recommend is entertainment throughout. Magic is great for that, as it can fit in during the natural dips during the day, and keep people amused!

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This is another popular time when magic is used as entertainment. Whether it's a house party or you're celebrating in a hired venue, magic can help to bring your party to life. It sparks conversations and helps people to have a fun, relaxed time with their closest friends and family.

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The popularity of magic as entertainment for any event is clear. People have been enjoying magic for centuries, and it shows no signs of slowing down. From interactive elements to unforgettable experiences, there's something for everyone. Whether you're planning a corporate event, a wedding, or a birthday party, magic is the perfect form of entertainment. Professional magicians are creative and innovative, so they can customize their acts to fit your event and make sure your guests leave with an unforgettable experience. With magic, you can create an event or gathering that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.

Don't believe me? Just click the icon below to take a look at some of the comments I've received from previous events.

Jenny Court
Jenny Court
Thank you so much. Amazing tricks. Highly recommend. Everyone loved it. Thank you for getting round all the people at the party. Excellent
Nick Aldridge
Nick Aldridge
Very good
Mark Howard
Mark Howard
Ed was amazing tonight at the Severn Transport Services Christmas Party in Welshpool, highly recommend, he will on our entertainment list each year.
diane watson
diane watson
Ed was invited to entertain our charity group, and we are all very pleased he did!. Entertainment wise he was spot on, involving all of our members with his magic tricks, good humour , and easy going attitude. It was really good to see all of our members so engrossed, paying attention and getting involved. Thank you Ed
nick moseley
nick moseley
I arranged for Ed to provide entertainment at our daughter’s wedding. Absolutely spot on. He made sure he engaged with every table, and the constant howls of surprise and delight made for a really great atmosphere after the main dining. Everyone really enjoyed it and said what a fantastic addition to the whole event it was. Thanks, Ed !
Laura Moseley
Laura Moseley
Ed was the magician at our wedding and was fantastic. He was great with all our guests and did some amazing magic tricks. He was great at going around the room and entertaining everyone. Also, thank you for teaching our flower girl and page boy a magic trick, they loved it !
Andrew Marsden
Andrew Marsden
Just hired Ed for a family party in Nantwich and he was awesome! I was very clear about what I wanted at the event and Ed delivered. Entertaining the little ones with balloon modelling and magic (sorry Ed - didn't think the balloon requests would ever end at one point!) and then walking around performing table magic for all the other guests. Feedback has been brilliant, with everyone impressed with the magic and feeling like they'd been entertained with some amazing tricks! And in terms of booking Ed - easy to communicate with, friendly, punctual and very accommodating. It was a great night, everyone had fun. Thanks Ed!!
Tracey Fowler
Tracey Fowler
Ed performed at my daughters wedding , he was brilliant, all our guests loved the magic he performed, he was entertaining funny and very professional, we wouldn’t hesitate to book him again and highly recommended him, Thank you Ed ⭐️

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