The planning phase of any event can often feel like a bit of balancing act. You have to juggle securing a venue, organizing catering, sending invites, and booking entertainment. One question that often arises with entertainment, in particular, is, "How far in advance should you book a magician for your event?"

The answer to this question can vary, but there are some general guidelines that can help you with your planning. That's what I'll lay out here, and I hope you will find this short guide useful.


As a general rule, it's always better to book a magician as early as possible. Magicians, like many other event service providers, get booked up quickly, especially during peak times like weekends or holidays. Therefore, booking early gives you a better chance of securing your preferred magician on your chosen date.

If your event is a large one such as a corporate event, or festival, you might want to book your magician at least six months to a year in advance. For smaller events like private parties or gatherings, a booking three to four months in advance should suffice.

And if your event has a specific date that can’t be changed, eg. a wedding, then you might want to extend this even further.

a guests reaction to a wedding magician


Different types of events might require different booking timelines. For example, weddings are often planned a year or more in advance, so if you want a magician for your wedding, you should book, as mentioned above, as soon as you have your date confirmed. On the other hand, corporate events or charity functions might have a shorter planning timeframe, but it's still advisable to book your magician as early as possible.

As for the style of magician you might look for, you probably don’t want a children’s entertainer for your corporate awards night, but you might want someone with experience of performing for families for your summer family party.


Despite best efforts, sometimes your preferred magician might not be available for your chosen date. Therefore, it's always a good idea to have a list of backup options. One of the great things about enquiring with my magic services, is that I’m well connected with the magic industry, so even if I’m not able to help out at your event, I can very often source a fantastic close up magician or stage magician for your event.


While early bookings are advised, don't despair if you're trying to book a magician at short notice. Some magicians might have last minute availability due to cancellations or simply because it is a quieter week. It’s worth bearing in mind that options may be limited, and you might need to be flexible with your event timing to accommodate their schedule.

However, that might also come with a bonus, if the magician is coming from a previous event, then they may be more willing to offer a small bonus discount as you filling in an otherwise empty gap. It’s always worth asking, right?

corporate events magician performing close up magic at a corporate event


Once you've booked your magician, continue with the rest of your event planning, keeping your magician informed about any changes to the event's date, location, or schedule. Good communication ensures a smoother performance on the day and a better experience for your guests.

If you're planning an event and want to create a magical, unforgettable experience for your guests, I am here to help. As an experienced magician, I offer a variety of magical performances that cater to different event types, sizes, and audiences. Whether you're hosting a grand corporate event or an intimate gathering, my magic performances are guaranteed to leave your guests spellbound.

Remember, the key to successful event planning is early preparation and booking. So get in touch with me today, and let's make your event a magical one!

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Sue Phelan
Sue Phelan
Ed was absolutely phenomenal at my friend's 50th birthday! Fantastic magician x
Michelle Talbot
Michelle Talbot
Very, very impressive 😁
Amanda Bryant
Amanda Bryant
He was very professional before the event and everyone was thoroughly entertained by his close magic and the larger scale audience participation tricks.
Rach Ryan
Rach Ryan
We invited Ed to join us at our wedding reception to entertain our guests during / after the meal. Lots of guests were chatting about his tricks the next day. We loved the one he did for us and have absolutely no idea how he managed it! Ed is relaxed but professional, friendly and fun. Thank you for sprinkling some magic on our day Rach & Mick
Laura Darrant
Laura Darrant
Super personable and an amazing magician. Book him for your works events.
kerry smith
kerry smith
Ed was fabulous, what a fantastic magic show this was the perfect entertainment for my 50th Birthday and left us scratching our heads on how he did some of the tricks as we couldn’t work it out, and we were really impressed, and still talking about it later into the night and after my birthday too. I would definitely recommend and book Ed again and he was very professional, fabulous magic tricks and great communication and early to the event to prepare. I won’t mention what tricks he did as I won’t spoil the surprise but we all loved it. Thanks Ed 🤩🥰👍
Fern Dennis
Fern Dennis
I saw Ed last weekend he was booked for a family wedding. Nearly a week later and I’m still speechless, he was amazing best magician I’ve ever seen! He caters to all age groups, so entertaining.
Le pe
Le pe
Excellent entertainment
Doggo (Aɴʏᴀ ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴏsᴛ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss)
Doggo (Aɴʏᴀ ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴏsᴛ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss)
Really friendly magician 👍🏾


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