What’s a simple but impressive magic trick anyone could learn, perhaps to entertain at a party for example?

Ask a Magician, a series of blog posts answering your questions! – Issue VIII

Learn party magic!

In this issue, Shane asks about how he can learn a little magic of his own. He writes:

What’s a simple but impressive magic trick anyone could learn, perhaps to entertain at a party for example?

There are lots of simple, impressive pieces of magic, and you might be surprised to learn that many magic secrets are rather simple. But I guess it’s also true that one of the biggest secrets of magic is that it’s not what you do but how you do it.

I often teach magic to magicians and one of the things I always highlight is that people connect with you as a person (your personality) before you even start performing. Just take a look at the video below for an example of my magic:

I also say this to my clients. It’s important because when I’m hired as a close-up magician, it’s not just me doing tricks that they are hiring, they are also hiring me to engage people with conversation and comedy. The clue is in your question to entertain! That’s what I do at parties!

On stage it’s similar but my confidence and my comfort in being on stage is also another huge factor. I’ve written a little about this previously.

learn magicAs for a simple magic trick that you can do. I would highly recommend my Make & Do magic workshop (hosted on my website for family magic). It’s the world’s first online magic workshop designed for families to enjoy together. Why not get together with some young people in your family and together you can make the tricks (this is important as it helps you to understand how it works), learn the tricks (with over expertly taught tuition and over 75 videos), and then put on your own show!

Don’t dismiss this as just for the children. It’s for everyone and with a little thought, and an injection of your own personality you could certainly impress your friends at the next party you attend. Best of all it’s only £1 a month (£12 / $16 for the whole year).

View & sign up for the Make & Do Magic Workshop here!

And if the magic bug hits, then why not head to your local library. There will almost certainly be at least one general magic book which would be a good place to expand your magic knowledge! Magic books are usually placed in the section with indoor games but if you can’t find any, ask the librarians and they’ll help. If you need more specific help feel free to reach out to me for dedicated lessons once you’ve started your journey.

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