Why is there such a range in prices between magicians?

Ask a Magician, a series of blog posts answering your questions! – Issue IX

So and so is cheaper!

In this issue, I’m taking a departure from the norm, and asking myself a question that I think would be useful to many of you:

Why is there such a range in prices between magicians?

magician pricesAs with anything you can buy there will always be a range of prices. Magicians are no different and there will always be some magicians who cater to the cheaper end of the market, and those that are more expensive. While everybody loves to get a great deal, it’s worth remembering that when you pay less you get a lesser service (and vice versa). It’s simply not possible to pay less and get the same quality as the more expensive service. And trust me, I know! I’m in the business of the impossible.

The difference I’ve identified with my performance style is it’s not about just arrogantly showing off tricks. Of course, the magic needs to be impressive and impossible. I know that it is, because of the reactions I get as shown in the above photograph and in this video! But more than that people need to feel comfortable enough to want to be involved. When people hire me as a magician, they don’t want their guests hanging around on the edges. That’s why my magic is firstly conversational! Guests are able to create the show with me, so just imagine people finding their own card, reading each other’s mind or getting the big laugh that makes then the talk of the night!

Many people come to me and say that so-and-so other magician is cheaper than me for the same time, or more, but remember when you hire a magician, you are not hiring their hours. You are hiring their years of experience. Do you want an experienced professional magician with multiple google reviews, someone who knows how to delight your guests and bring your event to life, or do you want an enthusiastic amateur keen to practice their tricks during your important event?

If it’s the latter, and you are aware of what you’re getting then that’s fine, but I can’t price match against that as it’s not the same. What I provide has many layers that go much further than just “an hour or two of magic.”

Whenever I get a question like this in my inbox, I’m reminded of my good friend Jez who has told me of the regret he and his wife have of cheaping out on their wedding photography. When I asked him about my wedding, he told me, “It’s always worth paying that little bit more to get exactly what you want, rather than pay less and it not match up to your expectations.” Something to consider for anything you buy, don’t you think?

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