Professional Magician for Weddings, Corporate Events & Parties

I'm Ed, and I’m a professional close up magician for hire across Staffordshire. And I'm ready to bring your event to life!

I grew up in Stafford and my parents still live there. I now live between there and Lichfield, so I have great local knowledge of the area.

As a professional close up magician, I perform throughout the UK, but I love performing in Staffordshire as it is home. I think that translates across to my performances, and I always feel more relaxed when I haven't got a three hour round trip.

I’ve performed magic in Staffordshire at weddings, private parties and corporate conference dinners, as well as other more unusual events. I love sharing my sleight of hand close up magic and back and forth conversational comedy with guests. So if you’re holding an event in Staffordshire and looking to make it a huge success, get in touch today and let’s have a chat about what would work best for you.

As I mentioned, I’ve performed at all sorts of events. There are far too many to name individually but here are just some of the events within the Staffordshire area that stand out to me.


Stone and Stafford Magician

As well as all of these previous events in Stafford, I’m still performing in the area and in June 2020, I have an upcoming event at Aston Marina in Stone. I’ve not performed at this location before, so I’m looking forward to attending this wedding and entertaining guests during the afternoon break with my incredible close-up magic, mind reading and comedy. Watch this space!


Wedding Magician Moat House, Acton Trussell, Stafford

One of the most popular wedding venues in Stafford is the Moat House in Acton Trussell and as a professional wedding magician in Staffordshire, I have of course performed there with my close up magic many times. I first performed there in 2010, and my most recent performance, well actually it is my next performance is in 2020. That’s over ten years of bringing weddings to life, helping people to celebrate and enjoy their first few moments as a happy couple. Below is a video shot at The Moat House in 2014, and a review from that event too. Hopefully, this gives you a good idea about how my magic fits in at weddings.


recommended magician

Ed performed what can only be described as brilliant magic! My wife is heavily involved in weddings and she will be recommending Ed to anyone seeking a magician.

- Simon & Alison Mahon, Stafford


Repeat Booking Six Years in a Row

Magicians measure their success in different ways but for me one of the things that is always a strong signal that I’m doing well is when I am either recommended to others or hired again by the same clients. That’s why I’m so pleased that I’ve been hired by one company for their Christmas party for the past six years running. The events take place in Penkridge, just outside of Stafford and I performed for them for the first time in 2013. I have done so every year since and I have already spoken to them about booking again for December 2020. If that isn’t a sign that I’m doing something right, I don’t know what is.


Wedding Magician Staffordshire

There are lots of great wedding venues in Staffordshire, but one of the ones I always enjoy returning to is The Mill at Worston in Stafford. I have performed close up magic at weddings there in 2015, 2016 and most recently in November 2018, where I entertained guests after the ceremony before the wedding breakfast. There was a slight delay to the day. That sometimes happens at weddings, and I knew that so I always build in a little cushioning time. As such, I was happy to stay and make sure everyone was entertained. After the event, the client sent me this testimonial by email.

My guests were delighted by your magic and were still talking about the tricks during dinner. We had a great day and you made our day that bit more special. I was really impressed. Thank you also for staying the extra 40 minutes and apologies for the delay. 

David & Ayesha Thompson, Stafford


sandon hall weddings staffordshireStafford Wedding Magician

One of the ways I know that I have been successful with my magic is when people recommend me to others. In July 2018, I performed close up magic at a wedding at Sandon Hall, Stafford, a beautiful wedding venue, with elegant rooms and stunning grounds. My close up magic went down really well, as it always does at weddings. It’s a great way to entertain guests during the down periods of the day and to keep everyone in an upbeat celebratory mood. What was even better was that after building up a relationship with some of the staff there, I was recommended for another wedding only a month later. I think you’ll agree that I must be doing something right, to continue getting recommendations such as that and reviews such as the one the client sent me after that second event - sorry this review is quite a long one, but I think it gives a good summary of what I provide in terms of the magic, my performance style and the service you recieve when you hire me as your magician.

recommended magician

We would really like to thank you for your amazing addition to our daughter’s wedding. The feedback received was extremely positive and the entertainment that you provided was a perfect addition to the evening, filling the gap between wedding breakfast and evening party perfectly. Jane was particularly impressed with the way you handled the heckler! Our evening was enhanced with your jovial banter, as well as the amazing magic! We would also like to thank you for the easy way we were able to book the evening and a special thanks for your flexibility over the many start/end time changes. 

 - Terry Obeney, Stafford

Christmas Party Close up Magician

As you might expect, I perform a lot of magic during the month of December. It’s a busy period and I perform at a lot of Christmas parties in Stafford and across the Midlands. Sidenote: It’s always worth booking a magician early for Christmas. In 2017, I was hired for a small family house party in Stafford. I performed close up magic as guests had a drink and a bite to eat and then I finished my performance with a short show to the whole group. Afterwards, I was happy to stay a little later and chat to the guests. I don’t mind doing this as it’s part of the service. This event is memorable though as I made a friend who I met up with in the New Year and am still in contact with today. And I think that’s the best thing about my job, the people I meet.


Possibly the most unusual venue I’ve ever performed at

flip out stoke stone staffordshire

In my time as a magician, I’ve performed at many events in lots of different places, but it’s safe to say while they are different places they fall into the same sort of genres - hotels, restaurants, private dining rooms, private homes, etc… But in October 2017, I encountered a new one and I think it might be up to now the most unusual venue I’ve performed at. I provided walkaround close up magic at a trampoline park. Yes, you read that right. I performed at Flip Out in Stoke (I think it's actually closer to Stone) for a Halloween celebration. It was an interesting event and I enjoyed it, not only because I got to share my magic with everyone, but also because it gave me this interesting story to tell.


Stage Show Magician

At the majority of events I perform at, I do so as a close up magician, however, in June 2017 I was hired to perform my full evening stage show for a golden wedding anniversary. The event took place at Whitemoor Lakes, on the outskirts of Lichfield, Staffordshire. This was an important show and so I visited the venue a few weeks before the big day and met with staff to discuss how best to set up the room for the maximum effect for both my show and the event. On the day I arrived four hours early to set up, soundcheck and relax before I was set to perform later in the evening. You might think that all of that preparation was a bit overkill, but performing a stage magic show is not just turning up and doing it, and as described here much of the work happens ahead of time. That preparation paid off and I received a lot of great feedback from guests on the night. Many of the spectators came up afterwards to thank me personally and shake hands, and one, in particular, wanted to tell me of a treasured moment he was reminded of when he saw a magician as a child. These are the moments I live for as a magician. I was also sent this video after the event which shows just some of the great moments from that incredible night.


Cabaret Magic in Stafford

Another of my repeat clients within Stafford is the Stafford Rotary Club who meet at the Constitutional Club, Lloyd Street. I perform for them every few years, and the last time was in 2017. These are very relaxed events where I provide a little bit of close up magic, followed by a short cabaret show. I often find that guests want to chat to me afterwards about my life as a professional magician. I am always happy to stay and meet people to have those conversations.


Military Events Magician Stafford

I’ve performed at MOD Stafford on three occasions at the last count. One recent performance was for an Officer’s Black Tie Christmas Ball during December 2016. I’m pretty well connected within the entertainment industry and so I was asked to organise some other forms of entertainment to go alongside the magicians that were hired for the night. It was a large event and I’m glad that everything went well and the close up magicians on the night got particularly great reviews. Close up magic is an interactive art form that’s performed in a shared space with people so it’s often possible to have a laugh with them and let them join in on the banter too, or as I call it conversational comedy. That’s what I did that night, and I would love to bring it to your event too.


Entertainment for Hen Party and Wedding

I haven’t performed at hundreds of hen parties, but when I do they are always, as you might guess lively and interesting events. I love rising to that challenge. And in 2016, after I performed at a hen party in Alton, Staffordshire in July I was then hired for the wedding in September, at the Upper House in Barlaston. A wonderful wedding venue by the way. I guess that proves my magic was a success. Here’s what the client said.

I hired Ed for my hen do, and everyone was so impressed that the decision to hire him for my wedding was an easy one. Ed is so funny and his close up magic is amazing. I was told by several guests that Ed had been their favourite part of the night. Thank you for being part of our special day and making everyone smile and laugh, we shall definitely see you in the future.

- Janette Sutcliffe, Staffordshire


Party Magician Stafford

One of the most enjoyable events I performed during 2015, was an anniversary party for a client who had previously seen me at one of my restaurant gigs. They hired me to provide close up magic at their celebration held at Stafford Cricket Cand Hockey Club. After the event, the client sent me this wonderful testimonial.

Very professional, very approachable, and absolutely stunning magic! I'm his newest fan. I want to host another party just so I can hire Ed.

- Abigail Pickering, Stafford


corporate training stadium stokeCorporate Team Building Magic Workshops

In October 2014, I hosted a series of events at the bet365 Stadium home of Stoke City Football Club, where rather than performing magic, I used my magic skills to create a set of unique team-building exercises and training workshops for a large national supermarket. The events held over three days went well and were something different both for myself and for the staff at their training day. They weren’t expecting me and I was the perfect antidote to liven up their afternoon and provide something different for their annual team-building exercises which many of them had done before. If this is something your company would be interested in, then get in touch with me as this is a bespoke service. I work with you to design activities based on your goals and that reinforce your company values.


Party Magician Stafford

A fun event that I performed in February 2014 took place at Dunston Village Hall, on the outskirts of Stafford - not the usual type of venue that I perform at with my close up magic, but this was for an 80th birthday party and the gentleman in question had a lot of friends to invite. I mixed with everyone performing magic at their table, and while after the event the client sent me a snap from the evening and left me this review.


party close up table magician stafford

Excellent entertainment for my dad’s surprise 80th birthday. Whilst Dad was meeting everyone Ed went round the group, a table at a time and amazed everyone with his magic. The party was a huge success and loads of comments about the wonderful magic. It’s still a talking subject two months on!

- Helen Craddock, Stafford


Close up Magician Stoke on Trent

February is a quieter time for magicians, but in 2012, I performed at a Las Vegas themed Valentine’s Day Ball at the Moat House, in Stoke on Trent. Close up magic always fits in well at a Las Vegas themed night, and so I performed welcome magic as guests arrived and got their first drink. I then joined guests for dinner and afterwards performed again later in the evening as guests also tried their luck at the fun casinos. Take a look at some of these photos from that night.


stafford restaurant magicianRegular Restaurant Magician in Staffordshire

Between 2005 and 2010 I performed as the resident magician at multiple restaurants in Staffordshire. This included establishments in Stone, Lichfield and Stafford. I performed either on a monthly or fortnightly basis and was there to entertain guests between ordering their meal and the food being served. For the restaurants magic was a great way of adding a real buzz to their location and marketing themselves in an organic way. In fact, many of the guests returned multiple times with their friends in order to be entertained by me or one of my team. If you’re involved with a venue such as a restaurant, bar or hotel and would like to explore how magic can help you, then get in touch.


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Magic is enjoyed by many because of the memories that are formed when people share something impossible together! My performances spark the stories you'll be telling throughout your event and for many years after.

What will yours be?

Ed regularly performs magic for weddings, anniversaries, parties and corporate events in Birmingham, Nottingham, Staffordshire, and Shropshire. But you can hire him to perform anywhere in the UK. In fact, it's recommended that you do! 😊

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