Different Types of Close up Magic

close up magician performing at a party

There are a lot of online guides about how to write a wedding speech, which is no surprise really. It’s often said that public speaking is one of the biggest fears that people have, and many people just try to avoid it until the last moment. Well, allow me to help put you at ease.

I’m a professional performer at weddings, so I’m used to talking in front of others. In fact, one of the services I offer is hosting of the speeches (more on that later). I also just wrote my own wedding speech. In this guide, I’ll answer a few FAQs about writing a wedding speech.

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Who is the best magician in the world right now?

who is the best magician in the world right now

The world of magic is full of talented and skilled performers, each with their unique style and approach to the craft. From card manipulations to grand illusions, there are countless ways to amaze and entertain audiences with the power of magic. But when it comes to identifying the best magician in the world, the answer is not so clear-cut. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most prominent magicians in history and what makes them stand out.

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Tech for Magicians

tech for magicians collage

I’ve recently been going through the process of updating my tech set up, and so I thought it would be a good idea to go through a few simple tech terms that magicians might want (or need) to get familiar with. I hope this will be useful to you in making your tech and staging decisions.

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How do magicians trick your brain?

a guests reaction to a wedding magician

Magic is one of the oldest art forms, and magicians have confounded and thrilled their audiences by performing impossible illusions since written records started. While most of their tricks are kept secret, scientists, have begun to research magic to acquire insights into how and why our minds are so readily tricked.

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5 Real Life Magic Schools You Won’t Believe Existed

real life magic schools

How do you learn to be a magician? Well, as with anything you go to school. A magic school, of course! But I’m not talking about Hogwarts or the Unseen University. No, in this article, I’ll present 5 real life magic schools you won’t believe actually existed on earth.

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