How can a Magician Entertain at a Corporate Event?

Organising a corporate event can be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating experience. As a magician for corporate events and an expert in corporate events entertainment, I'm here to help you with one small part of your planning. The entertainment!

Why hire a corporate event magician?

Everybody loves to have a great time so I'm sure you'll be laying on some sort of entertainment. What will it be? Something passive like a musician or a singer? Something static like a casino table or carnival games? Or something interactive like a close up magician?

Hiring a magician for a corporate event is a great idea. Nothing compares to close up magic with it's ability to get people involved. It's not only interactive but it's also reactive. A great magician knows how to bring out the best in people.

As a corporate events magician, I'm often told that one of the most important aspects of my close up magic is that I spark conversations. A corporate event is a blend of a work event and a social event, but that doesn't mean that everyone should be talking about work. Instead, I'll help people to mix and get to know each other through a new, shared experience.

Imagine your guests saying, "wait do that again!" or turning to their new acquaintance and saying, "did you see where the card / coin / helicopter went?" It's the perfect way to break the ice and form new alliances, with colleagues or potential clients.

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Which corporate events does magic fit in well at?

A corporate events magician can fit into a variety of events. Some of the most common events I am hired to perform at include gala dinners, awards nights, conferences, fundraisers and corporate anniversary parties. As you might expect, I'm also very busy during December with corporate Christmas parties. It's worth reaching out well in advance if you're looking to hire a magician for a corporate event, and you have a key date in mind.

The type of magic that I specialise in is close up magic. I combine this with mind reading and conversational comedy. This can work well at a variety of points throughout the night.

A very popular choice is walkaround magic as guests enter. For these events, I'm there to welcome guests. You don't want people hanging around. Instead, as they collect a drink from the bar, I'll meet people in their small groups and bring the crucial first part of the event to life.

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Another popular choice is table magic. This isn't magic with tables, but rather magic performed tableside. As a table magician I provide magic between the courses of the meal. The big advantage of this performance style over walkaround magic is that you can be sure that everyone will see some magic. That's because I will make sure that every table is entertained by myself, or one of my expert team of magicians, if it's a large event.

What else does a magician add to my corporate event?

An often overlooked aspect of hiring corporate events entertainment is the opportunity to increase your brand awareness. As a corporate events magician, I'm often asked to incorporate company branding into my routines. This can be as simple as tying in with the company colours, or including the logo on some of my props or giveaways, but there is another way too.

I can also tie in with the aim of your event. Do you want to promote a feeling of empowerment? I can tailor my routines so your guests do the magic. Do you want to foster thinking around team work? I can perform routines where everyone is involved. I can also design and create bespoke illusions exclusively for your event.

This adaptability is a unique skill that few magicians have. It's the reason why as well as entertaining at evening events, I'm also often asked to be part of the daytime activities too. My magic can be used as a team building exercise where I teach delegates a few simple routines, and then set the challenge of performing them for colleagues. It's creative, fun and certainly something different. And don't worry! Even if you know a few principles of magic, I'll still fool you. After all, I teach magicians how to perform!

Another way my magic is used is for promotional events such as trade shows and exhibitions. After all, these events are successful when you 'make a lot of noise.' Having a magician on your stand, creates a buzz that draws people in to your business. I have successfully incorporated sales messages into my magic for promotional events, that makes your brand stick in the mind of the visitor.

What other types of magic is available for corporate event?

One final magic performance style I wanted to highlight is stage magic and hosting. While I’ve spoken about close up magic and mind reading for most of this article, I can also offer the option of an after dinner stage show, or I can host the whole event, weaving in shorter performances of magic throughout the night. As I’ve mentioned already, magic is flexible enough to adapt to a range of different points throughout your event. I have a few recommendations based on what’s worked well in the past, but if you have a different idea then let’s have a quick chat.

Need to hire a corporate magician?

Whether your guests are your most treasured clients or your management and colleagues, when you hire a corporate magician, it is essential to have confidence that guests will be left with a good impression of your company and your event. That's why it's vital to hire an experienced professional performer, such as a Member of the Magic Circle, like myself. Someone, who can represent your company to the highest standards.

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