After dinner entertainment for your event

After dinner entertainment - why does it work so well, and why is a magician the perfect option?

Well, consider the idea of dinner and a show! It's a classic for a reason. You don't want to just eat and leave. If you can stretch the experience into the night you get to spend more time with those whose company you enjoy the most.

There's a word for it in Spanish - sobremesa - it's that stretching of time after a meal as you laugh, chat and enjoy each other's company. It's relaxed, unhurried. After all how you eat is as important as what you eat.

So if you're celebrating with a special meal, I recommend you think about the whole experience. Why not give your guests something to talk about even long after the last glass of wine has been sunk. My magic entertainment creates the stories you'll be laughing and chatting about for years to come.

"There was a group of 13 of us and Ed had everyone captivated! His great magic and jokes were the perfect addition to our dinner. Ed turned up to the event early and was very professional. I would fully recommend him for other parties and events."

Laura Smith, Shropshire

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Reasons to hire me as your after dinner entertainment



after dinner entertainment
Performing an after dinner show for an exclusive private dinning event.






After Dinner Entertainment Options

My after dinner entertainment always revolves around magic as that's what I specialise in. I'm a professional magician, and can provide entertainment in various formats. It's always worth having a quick chat about your event but I'll give some starter information below.

Parlour magician

Fair warning! The video next to this clip includes swearing (not by me, but by the shocked audience!) That's sort of the effect magic has on people - it creates an immediate reaction of amazement and laughter.

Similar to close up magic, except this is an exclusive group performance where everyone shares the magic together. It can take place:

  • In the comfort of your own home, or hired space.
  • Table side for example in a private dinning room or within a restaurant or bar.

This is usually for small groups of 10 to 30 people, but let's talk about your event and the specifics of what will work best for you.

Stage magician

If you have a larger number of guests such as for an awards night, Christmas celebration, or corporate event, then my stage show is the perfect after dinner entertainment. It includes:

  • Impossible Magic
  • Unbelievable Mind Reading
  • Comedy for All

And it's suitable for audiences from 50 to 500. I'm an experienced performer with a wealth of knowledge about what works well , so let's talk about your event and help it be the best it can be.

birmingham magician after dinner corporate events entertainment

Close up magician

close up after dinner magician

Close up magic takes place in a shared space and can either be a top up to a grand performance to everyone (see the options above), or standalone entertainment.

  • I can perform close up magic and mind reading as guests mix in their friendship groups - this is a great welcome to the night, i.e. before dinner entertainment.
  • I can perform table side, 'hopping' from table to table, i.e. during dinner entertainment.
  • Or I can meet people in the bar after dinner and entertain them in a very relaxed situation. This option is great for those who don't want to dance.

Reviews for my entertainment

Thank you for the wonderful magic. You made the party! I can honestly say that I have never laughed so much. You have a great sense of humour. I was very impressed with how you managed being in the spotlight in front of such a large group of people. I could never do that. Absolutely fantastic, and I wasn't the only one to think so. Thank you so much!

Amy Kempson, Birmingham

Ed was the perfect act for our gathering. He performed a polished performance building to an incredible 'Grand Finale.' Our audience was fully enthralled and entertained.

Ben Hatton, Worcester

For our Anniversary Dinner, our president asked for a memorable, magical stage show, and that’s what we got! It was totally mystifying and just what we wanted. Ed was easy to deal with and professional from the first enquiry to the end of the show.

Roger Coopey, Coventry

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My Google MyBusiness page has over 60 five star reviews, just like the ones above. If you want to make sure you book incredible after dinner entertainment, enquire today!

How much does after dinner entertainment cost?

The prices for after dinner entertainment vary depending on a few factors. If you've read this page you will have seen that I have a few different options, so of course, which option you choose is one of the factors. As is when and where your event is. Midweek local events are likely to be priced less than events further away during peak times.

The fastest way to get an accurate quote is to contact me for a quick no obligation chat about your event. But if you're just looking for a guide then I believe you should set your budget at around £400 for a small group performance or close up magic only, and £500 for a large stage show. It may be less or more, but this would be a good starting point.

This is presuming you are looking for a quality magician (and not an amateur / beginner).

Which areas do you provide after diner entertainment?

Simply, I provide after dinner entertainment where your event is. I have performed extensively across the UK and internationally. I'm based in Staffordshire, and often perform across Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Nottingham, Manchester, Cheltenham, Oxford and London.

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Magic is enjoyed by many because of the memories that are formed when people share something impossible together! My performances spark the stories you'll be telling throughout your event and for many years after.

What will yours be?