Ed Sumner Magician - Online Payment

Use this page to pay your booking fee or balance payment for events by:

Ed Sumner Magic & Ready Steady Magic

Payments are processed via stripe.


STEP 1. Select 'Pay Now'. A box will 'pop up'

STEP 2. Enter the amount to pay, your name and email address you used to make the booking, and your booking number, which begins with N0... and is on your booking agreement.

STEP 3. Enter your card details.

STEP 4. Select 'Pay & the amount'. Wait for the payment to go through. Do not refresh the page.

That's it!

If it's successful, you'll get an automatic email from me, and be redirected to a page with a green success page.

Having problems? Call me on 07792 129 828

Ed Sumner Online Payment (£s)