Different Types of Stage Magic

stage magician on stage at a corporate event

When it comes to stage magic, there are a range of different styles of performers. Each brings its own unique flair, and the best for you depends on a variety of factors. With this in mind, in this short post, I’ll talk through some of the different formats for stage magic and the benefits (and negatives) of each. And then I’ll talk through some of the style of stage magic too. Hopefully, all of this information will help you to choose the perfect type of magic for your event, but of course, if you want to ask anything, you can always reach out to me by email here. I’m always happy to talk about magic, entertainment and events.

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Organising and Booking a Team of Magicians

close up magician birmingham

In the world of event planning, entertainment is a cornerstone that elevates any occasion from a “boring work party” where everyone stands around talking about the weather and making polite chit chat, to an unforgettable experience you’ll be talking about at the next party you go to! Among the myriad of entertainment options, magic holds a unique place, captivating the imaginations of many, and providing a fun connection as you laugh along with friends, family and the magician.

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Top Event Spaces in Manchester

Impossible, Manchester

Manchester! The bustling heart of the North West, is a city renowned for its dynamic blend of culture, history, and innovation. It’s a destination that prides itself on creativity and flair, and so it’s no wonder that it hosts some of the most unforgettable gatherings in the UK.

In this vibrant cityscape, where modern architecture meets historical charm, events take on an extraordinary life of their own. Whether it’s a corporate gathering in an elegant ballroom, a fairytale wedding in a lush garden, or a one-of-a-kind party in a unique and unexpected location, Manchester’s venues offer a canvas for memories that last a lifetime.

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How to Plan the Perfect Staff Christmas Party


Organising a Christmas party for your staff is an excellent opportunity to thank them for their hard work throughout the year and to help foster a team spirit as the Christmas season approaches. Below, I’ll walk through the steps to create a memorable and festive Christmas party for your team.

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Venue Spotlight: Crewe Hall, Cheshire

crewe hall wedding venue

Nestled in the heart of Cheshire, Crewe Hall is a beacon of historical grandeur and an idyllic setting for a day as special as your wedding. I’ve seen first hand how the right venue adds that extra sparkle to a couple’s big day, so in this spotlight feature, I’m going to highlight Crewe Hall, and give you some reasons why you might want to select it as your wedding venue.
The purpose of this blog post is to offer you a front-row seat to last night’s highlights. I’ll recap the night’s most jaw-dropping moments and give you a taste of what you missed – of course, I’m secretly hoping the ‘fomo’ sets in and you want to check out one of our future events. You’ll have to be quick though, we’ve already sold out the front row for the next show.

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What to do if your entertainer cancels on you?

Show Cancelled

Entertainment is a crucial part of any event, setting the tone and adding a layer of enjoyment for your guests. However, as with any plans, sometimes things can go awry. What happens if your entertainment cancels at the last minute?

While no one wants to deal with last-minute cancellations, these steps can help you navigate through such a situation with minimal stress.

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Best Time to Book A Magician: A Comprehensive Guide

performing close up magic at a corporate event

The planning phase of any event can often feel like a balancing act. You have to juggle securing a venue, organizing catering, sending invites, and booking entertainment. One question that often arises with entertainment, in particular, is, “How far in advance should you book a magician for your event?” The answer to this question can vary, but there are some general guidelines that can help you with your planning. I hope you will find this short guide useful.

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