Christmas Party Ideas for Entertainment

christmas tree

The tree is up, the tinsel is out and you are ready to party! But have sorted any entertainment? Planning engaging activities to keep your guests amused all night is vital to the success of your Christmas party, but it’s not an easy task to accomplish.

Fortunately, I’ve got you covered with this list – actually two lists, one of entertainers you can hire, and one of games you can create yourself. That way, I hope there’s something here for every budget. With this list of entertaining party ideas and activities, you can host the perfect Christmas party this year. Simply choose your favourites from those mentioned below, or get in touch with me for a further chat about how to make your celebration incredible.

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Five Party Tips for Any Party

party magician

Someone called me recently about a booking and they asked me if there was anything else that I could recommend for their event. I checked they had what I call the ‘party basics’. It’s tempting sometimes to try to book absolutely everything but more is less, and I think that if you have these basics then everyone will be happy.

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Why You Should Hire A Christmas Party Magician

close up magician

When it comes to different Christmas party ideas, it can be hard to know what sorts of things will suit everyone, keep the mood festive and not break the bank. Christmas work party activities do get a bad name, rightly deserved if you’ve ever had to sit through a half-hearted murder mystery night courtesy of the local am-dram group, or, heaven forbid, karaoke. Office Christmas parties don’t have to be like this.

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